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Create your football formations and tactics

Create your own football formations. This easy to use football formation creator allows you to create your own football formations for all of your favourite football teams and share them with friends and fans across the internet.

Create and share your tactic

Create and share your tactics through this free tactics creator. Share tactics with your team mates easily. Everyone knows who's starting for the big match. Quickly create football lineups to share on the web.

Share your football formations and tactics.

Share and send football formations and tactics to your team / players so everyone knows what position they are playing.

Simple Tactics Creator

This tactics creator is so easy to use & share making your job as a manager easier.

Formation creator for your tactics

Creating formations for your squad and team couldn't be easier.

This free formation and tactic creator was built by @mikespence

Quickly create your formations and tactics

The quickest way to create football lineups to share on the web.

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This is a free tactics creator aimed to support and enhance the way that you train and organise your club and team.

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